Our services include:

-Seismic processing,  Reprocessing or Special processing of land and marine acquired data (2D, 3D and 4D, PSTM and PSDM, FWI), AVO and QI

-Data storage and data management,


-Onsite Geo Consultants


The most interesting features of our seismic processing or prospect prediction are done, thanks to our internal developers, who provides us with analytical and digital solutions. Here, we show some of the mid-step processing features and telling about our proprietary codes and research partners...

PSS Geo team is a back stage of many Multi-Clients libraries. World leading companies of seismic Multi-Clients libraries have been trusting us for many years. We have proved top quality by continuously integrating latest techniques and individual approach to each case; winning tenders over and over again.



We are fascinated by Geo Science, we always embody our thoughts to production. If you feel the same, check out our current projects and join us helping to bring future to the reality today.




Reservoir engineering services

April 21, 2020

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Reservoir engineering services

April 21, 2020

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Since 2013, one of the First on the Market!

Read about development and progress and available modules.

Rune' Inversion

(April 2019) - Artificial Intelligence

The very first Seismic Post-Stack Inversion algorithm that allows estimating Velocity and Density separately; with no well logs data required!

Artificial kinematic constrains, simulated annealing and global optimizations are used as the basis for the algorithm.

Sealing & Leaking Faults

fluid migration prediction

We never compromise on Quality.

Learn about our Quality Assurance.


Pre Stack Solutions - Geo

Main office Oslo, Norway +47 225 60 715



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