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Our people


We are 15 geophysicists speaking 10 languages. Our main office is in Oslo, Norway. The second one is in Stavanger. We also have "Geo-rest office" in Costa Rica.






Jon Sandvik

General Manager / Co-owner since 2000

Experience: 30+ years with seismic contractors and oil company. Сo-founder/co-owner of PSS-Geo AS. Saga: Senior Geophysicist (geophysical services) JustGeo, Houston: Seismic data processing Amarok: Co-founding partner of Grav.Mag. Contractor Geco: Data Processing

Expertise: Seismic data processing, Inversion, AVO, Grav.Mag, VSP

Education: Cand. Scient. Limnology, Univ. of Oslo 1986

IT-applications: Charisma, ProMAX, Seismic Unix, Hampson Russell, Kingdom Suite, Standard PC

Oslo office

tel.+47 93227155

Rune Øverås

Senior Reservoir Geophysicist / Developer / Co-owner since 2000

Experience: 20+ years. Сo-founder/co-owner of PSS-Geo AS. Working with Seismic Processing / Rock Physics/AVO. Leader of all R&D projects, author of many geophysical products (codes). Technical developer/adviser for most PSS-Geo projects. 1996-2000 Resevoir Gephysicist Saga Petroleum. Responsible for Geophysical work on the Tordis Field, including Time Lapse seismic.

Expertise: Seismic data processing, Inversion, AVO, Grav.Mag, VSP

Education: M.Sc. Petroleum Geology, Norwegian Institute of Technology 1995. Thesis in Rock Physics/AVO

IT-applications: Charisma, Kingdom Suite, ProMAX, Hampson Russell, Jason, Odegaard Standard PC applications

Oslo office

tel. +47 97567452

Stéphanie Guidard

Senior Geophysicist since 2007 May.

Experience: 20 years with 8 years in marine geophysical research (academia), University of Tromsø, University of Ghent (Belgium).

Expertise: Marine geophysical data processing (swath bathymetry, seismic)

Education: Engineer in Applied Sciences [sivil ingeniør] (Geology), University of Liège, Belgium, 1997 M.Sc. Physics, University of Namur, Belgium, 1994

IT-applications: Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), ProMAX, SeismicUnix, Hampson Russell, Charisma, RayInvr traveltime inversion (Zelt), Norsar2D, Standard PC applications

Oslo office

tel. +47 47377329

Barbara Klein

Senior Geophysicist & Data management since 2006 Aug.

Experience: 11+ years in Seismic data processing and data management. Summer position at CGGVeritas, 2002-2006

Expertise: Seismic interpretation, Seismic processing, Data management

Education: M.Sc. Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, University of Oslo, 2006

IT-applications: Charisma, Geovecteur, ProMAX, Kingdom Suite, Seismic UNIX, ArcGIS, Standard PC applications.

Oslo office

tel. +47 90697060

Marcin Kaluza

Senior Geophysicist since 2010 Oct.

Experience: 15+ years. Team Leader, Head of Stavanger office. Experience 2D, 3D Marin Data Processing. 8 years with Geofizyka Torun, Seismic Data processor, Team leader, Experience from 2D, 3D Land Seismic Data Processing, 3 years with Geotrace Norge AS, Group Leader in Stavanger office, Experience form 2D,3D Marin and Land Data Processing

Expertise: Seismic Data Processing, VSP

Education: M. Sc. Prospecting Geophysics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, 1999

IT-applications: Pro-MAX, Geotrace processing software ANSER, (Fusion) Seismic Studio (refraction statics modeling), 3D-Geo and K3D migration softwar

Stavanger office

tel. +47 94199108

Roy MacKinnon

Geophysicist since 2010 October

Experience: 8 years experience with geophysical service company. PSS-Geo: Geophysicist, Geotrace: Geophysicist.

Expertise: Seismic processing, 3D processing, velocity building

Education: M.Sc. in physics with Astrophysics, University of Glasgow 2008

IT-applications: ProMAX, Fusion-3DGeo - Kirchhoff and Beam, PSDM model builder and tomography, Hampson-Russel, Kingdom

Stavanger office

tel. +47 46940197

Emilie Davenne

Geophysicist and Data management

Experience: 15+ years in marine geophysical prospecting, 2 years in Project Management

Expertise: Seismic interpretation, Seismic processing, Data management

Education: M.Sc. Marine Engineering, ISITV, University of Toulon (France), 2002 PSS-Geo: geophysicist, Cameron (Germany): Project coordinator, Creocean (France): Consultant in marine geophysical prospecting, subsea mapping, sedimentary dynamics, coastal preservation, port layout development, physical oceanography

IT-applications: Standard PC applications, Kingdom Suite, ProMAX, Hampson Russell, Seismic Unix, GMT, CorelDraw

Oslo office

tel. +47 90287059

Vita Kalashnikova

QI Geophysicist since 2011 Sept.

Experience: 10+ years in Oil&Gas industry. 3 years in offshore/onshore engineering (well testing, Schlumberger) – Russia (Arctic, Siberia, Kaspiy), North Sea, North Africa, Brazil. 4 years in research: Physicist, IICh SB RAS; Geophysicist, IPGG SB RAS Intern: Halliburton, Baker Atlas. Scholarships: SEG, Schlumberger

Expertise: Full Quantitative data analysis: pre-processing, velocity analysis, Inversion, AVO, and Rock Physics

Education: M.Sc in Geology, June, 2009 - Novosibirsk State University (Russia), B.Sc. in Physics, July, 2006

IT-applications: ProMAX, Kindom, Hampson-Russell, Dug, DART, Seismaster and AXCL, Kappa (Ecrin), Madcad

Oslo office

tel. +47 41002134

Muhammad Aftab Javed

Geophysicist since 2012 Des.

Experience: 5 years. 2D seismic processing, PSS-Geo AS

Expertise: 2D seismic processing, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation

Education: M. Sc. Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Geophysics (2012), University of Oslo, Norway

IT-applications: ProMAX, Kindom, Petrel, DUG, Hampson-Russell

Oslo office

tel. +47 45524212

Andrés Ulloa

Geophysicist since 2013 Jan.

Experience: 5+ years, 4 years in geology research (hydrogeology, karstology, geochemistry) and geology consulting. Perforaciones Acuario (WATER DRILL COMPANY): Hydrogeologist, 2009-2013. Investigation Center of Geological Sciences, University of Costa Rica: Investigator in hydrogeology and karstology, 2011-2013. Grupo Pangeas: team leader and consultant geologist, 2012-2013. COSTA RICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICITY (ICE): Project geologist, 2011-2012. PSS-Geo: Geophysicist, 2013

Expertise: 2D Seismic data processing

Education: PhD Student at Karstology program, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia Licentiate degree in geology, University of Costa Rica (2010) Bachelor’s degree in geology, University of Costa Rica (2009)

IT-applications: ProMAX, Standard PC applications, ArcGIS, AutoCAD

Oslo office

tel. +47 40299230

Fredrik Magnussen

Geophysicist since 2015 Sept.

Experience: Student Researcher at CGG (2014-2015): Deblending of seismic multicomponent data. Summer intern at Schlumberger (2014)

Education: M.Sc. in Geophysics, University of Oslo 2015

IT-applications: MATLAB, Python and FORTRAN

Oslo office

tel. +47 99101110

Arif Naushad Butt

Account Manager North America/ Geophysicist

Experience: since 2013, experience from 2D/3D seismic interpretation, rock physics, AVO analysis, and petrophysics

Education: M.Sc in Geology (2012), University of Oslo, Norway

IT-applications: Petrel, Hampson Russell, Interactive Petrophysics (IP), Promax, Microsoft office suits

tel. +1 647-303-0180/ Canada

      +47 944 346 08/ Norway

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