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Courses for Exploration Geologists

Price - 8700NOK+Vat

1st Day

QI part
09:30-10:20    Gathers, AVO Effects
10:30-11:20    Seismic Attributes, classes, interpretations
11:30-12:20    Practice on Promax/Kingdom, Calculate and interpret Seismic Attributes
13:00-13:50    Processing Sequence effected AVO anomalies and Seismic Headers/ Well tie and Seismic Phase
14:00-14:50    Rock Physics Templates for inverted volumes interpretation/
15:00-16:00    Rock Physics Modeling, Gather Modeling, Wedge modeling

2nd Day

QI part
09:30-10:20    Practice on Promax, seismic preconditioning, velocity, stacks, AVO classes highlights
10:30-11:20    Inversion: types, advantages, Interpretation
11:30-12:20    Inverted volumes interpretation/Alternative DHI Methods
Processing for interpreters
13:00-13:50    Overview of seismic processing sequence,Types of noise in your seismic
14:00-14:50    How to verify a multiple or flat spot? Poststack cosmetics, Angle stacks
15:00-16:00    Exercise on Promax (CVS, Poststack “Cosmetics” etc.)



After course, you will be able to

- Check if seismic is suitable for QI                      
- Understand and correct seismic phase            
- Perform AVO analysis                                       
- Generate and Interpret seismic Attributes         
- Interpret Inverted cubes

- Recognize processing sequence effected AVO and inverted result

- Identify seismic noise, multiples easily

- Know about Poststack “Cosmetic”    

- Understand basic processing sequences                                            
- Tell your geophysicist that you also know



For more information contact

Aftab Javed

Tel. +47 45524212

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