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The Nordkapp basin "Salt uplift" 20 000km for APA 2019

Working on APA 2019? Join those who are already working on the new target processed data in the Nordkapp basin, Barents Sea.

Specially designed to highlight deep salt structures, helping stratigraphy and petroleum system analysis using PSS-Geo proprietary technology.

Vintage data, no acquisition cost, only processing. Nearly 20,000 km of 2D seismic from 1984, -85 and -86 have been reprocessed in the Nordkapp basin, Barents Sea. Over the years, seismic processing had a problem with imaging under BCU and salt overhang in that area. Multiples is the key problem. Attacking this problem by integrating interpretation and seismic processing, we achieve a great uplift of vintage data.

Contact MultiClient Geophysical, A Geoex Company for showcases and pricing.

For the 20 years of history, Pre Stack Solutions-Geo has been known for developing simple efficient solutions for geo exploration.

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