Attributes package for convenient exploration work

Now including Lithology, Q-factor and Phase Decomposition!

PSS-Geo designed for convenient internal use package of attributes. It includes proprietary attributes based on combination of attributes calculated from gathers. The mail

Upon request, the other attributes can be delivered: Rp; Rs; delta Vp, delta Vs, Relative inverted P-impedance, S-Impedance, Vp/Vs, Dn …

The examples below are some attributes from the MCG Barents Sea Well Tie Survey (Data of MultiClient Geophysical ASA). Available to acquire.


Kalashnikova V., Muzi J., 2015, Seismic Data Attributes - new look at the old techniques, The Firts, May, p28-31.

Package of attributes includes:


In SEGY format


1.  Fluid Factor (counted on true mudrock trends)

2.  Lithology based fluid indicator

3.                       *instantaneous frequencies               

4.  Envelope

5.  Lithology based fluid indicator


4.   Lithology based fluid indicator

                           *amplitude weighted frequencies

4.   Lithology based fluid indicator


5.   Poisson’ ration

6.   Pay Zones

                         *polarization product

                          *angel of crossover

5.   Intercept

6.   Gradient

7.   IGT

8.   Relative Density

9.  Q-factor

10. Litnology 

11. Phase Decomposition (two volumes of 0- and 90-  degrees components)


In pdf format

Description of interpretation 


In txt format

Color code