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Attributes package for convenient exploration work

Now including Lithology, Q-factor and Phase Decomposition!

PSS-Geo has designed for convenient internal use a package of attributes. It includes proprietary attributes based on combination of attributes calculated from gathers. 

Other attributes can be delivered upon request: Rp; Rs; delta Vp, delta Vs, Relative inverted P-impedance, S-Impedance, Vp/Vs, Dn …

The examples below are some attributes from the MCG Barents Sea Well Tie Survey (Data of MultiClient Geophysical ASA). Available to acquire.


Kalashnikova V., Muzi J., 2015, Seismic Data Attributes - new look at the old techniques, The First, May, p28-31.

Package of attributes includes:


In SEGY format


1.  Fluid Factor (counted on true mudrock trends)

2.  Lithology based fluid indicator

                     *instantaneous frequencies               

3.  Amplitude envelope

4.  Lithology based fluid indicator

                      *amplitude weighted frequencies

5.  Lithology based fluid indicator


6.  Poisson’s ration

7.  Pay Zones

                       *polarization product

                       *angle of crossover

8.    Intercept

9.    Gradient

10.  IGT 

11.  Relative Density

12.  Q-factor

13.  Lithology 

14.  Phase Decomposition (two volumes of 0- and 90-  degrees components)


In pdf format

Description of interpretation 


In txt format

Color code



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