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About us

PSS-Geo AS is an independent geophysical service company based in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway and Tivat, Montenegro, and has representatives in Calgary, Canada, San Jose, Costa Rica, London, England and Moscow, Russia. The Russian based representatives covers the CIS geomarket, India, Pakistan and Iran.

Since 2000 PSS-Geo has contributed to growth for many oil&gas companies by being theirs geophysical departments. 

PSS-Geo is known as supplier of the most advanced technologies and as seismic processing company for the world biggest seismic multi-client libraries owners. Services include marine- and land seismic processing, depth imaging, full reservoir characterizations process: AVO analysis, Rock Physics, Inversions, and Quantitative Interpretation. 

PSS-Geo works with both internally developed program codes and commercial software. Collaboration with universities and sponsorship of research consortia makes PSS-Geo a unique technology supplier.

PSS-geo always scores high on quality in reprocessing competitions and quantitative interpretation.


In 2000 our first customers asked us to handle their seismic data. Since then we have positioned ourselves as a provider of quality geophysical services to small and large companies.


Our processors give the same high degree of service to all projects, big and small, and produce premium seismic that will reduce your company’s exploration and development risks.

PSS-Geo has large operating capacity and our computational power can turn around most projects within reasonable time.

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