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PSS-Geo masters all state-of-the-art-techniques for seismic processing, including 3D SRME. Our speciality is 3D reprocessing and 3D data enhancement after PSTM. We do small feasibility studies in addition to bulk processing. Typical size is 1000 km2 3D from field tapes with turnaround 3-6 months, or up to 3000 km 2D processing per month.



PSS-Geo has wide experience in land seismic processing from most parts of the world. We do both 2D and 3D processing.



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Merge 3D-2D
PSS-Geo does tailor-made 3D seismic merge, or updates of third-party Mega-merge. The merges will preserve amplitudes if necessary/possible. Amplitude levels- and decay, phase- and noise levels are handled appropriately. We also do merge of AVO cubes, with conversion from offset to angle of incidence cubes and recomputing of angle ranges.

PSS-Geo's proprietary technique allows to match each individual survey in terms of phase and time shift in selected windows. The calculated operators are applied dynamically to the data. In addition, a  merge can be broad-banded by deghosting technique which brings a big advantage for seismic interpretation.

3D-merge, any grid cell size or orientation.
AVO merge, recomputed to uniform Angle of incidence interval.
2D post-stack blend merge.

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