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  • Pre-stack implementation of the AI-based seismic inversion algorithm with artificial constraints. (#341352. The Research Council of Norway. Grant. Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector 2022.)


  • Production code for pre-stack Rune Inversion

  • Pilot version ML fluid prediction online platform - ready for evaluation QUICKi



  • Cloud solutions AI + ML user application for Lithology and Fluid prediction

  • Non-stretched Stacking



  • Machine learning solutions for fluid prediction, extension of AI Rune inversion (Innovation Norway grant 2020)

  • Full Waveform Migration, user browser application (based on the Delphi source code)



  • Enhancement Salt structures - Seismic processing 

  • Artificial Intelligence - Rock properties prediction from Seismic traces

  • Cost efficient subsurface estimation for geology and geohazard for Wind Miles.


  • Burial Depths North Sea and Norwegian Sea 

  • Seismic Q-factor section estimation, for fluid accommodation prediction (in collaboration with IPGG SB RAN)

  • High Resolution Velocity construction technique based on Dynamic Auto Correlation, Dynamic Time Warping and Amplitude Based Methods for Quantitative Analysis (in collaboration with First Geo AS)

  • Fault and Sealing analysis of seismic data using Prony Frequency Filtering method (internal)

  • Physical justifications of Negative Poisson’s coefficients for rocks (in collaboration with IPGG SB RAN)

  • Deghosting module plug-in for any domain-configuration (internal)



  • Deghosting pre-stack different domains

  • 3D CRS based on WTI 2D solution


  • Deghosting pre-stack different domains

  • 3D CRS based on WTI 2D solution

  • Deghosting post-stack


  •  Beam migration solution


  •  Kirchhoff time-migration



We are open for collaboration with service and oil&gas companies.

Please submit your letter of interest to Vita Kalashnikova,

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