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2D/3D Land processing

2D/3D broadband processing of normal marine streamer data

          From conventional acquisition (DAG: Data adaptive deghosting, applicable for full time section – proper deghosting operator)

4D processing/reprocessing


3D reprocessing                                                                                                           

3D PSTM from field data                                                                                            

3D PSDM from field data                                                                                            

3D SRME                                                                                                                       

3D CRS                                                                                                                             

3D optimizing after PSTMsolution with source-reviser-time-depth parameters estimation)

3D poststack processing Killmult, WWF, Frequency cube, dip filters etc.                                                                                         

3D regriding (Megamerge)                                                                                               

3D regriding     


2D PSDM Bulk processing

2D marine Bulk processing    

2D test reprocessing                                                                                                                

2D test PSDM                                                                                                                                     

2D poststack processing                                                                                                     


IME volume    


Spectral decomposition and spectral inversion    

Phase decomposition

Prony Filtering


Reservoir Evaluation (QI/DHI)

- Full Quantitative Interpretation/ Reservoir

- Inversion Elastic(EI and EEI)/ Simultaneous/  Acoustic inversion/other types

         *Study: cross plots and colored section/ 3D body results                                                             

- AVO analysis (Gradient analysis, Intercept/Gradient, Fluid Factor - calculated in sliding windows to fit correct lithology mudrock line and other ...)

           *Study: cross plots and colored section/3D body results  

- Screening attributes 

           - “Sweet spots” package:  Relative inversion (1 volume) + Phase Decomposition (0 and 90 deg components)

                                                                                           + Prony Filtering (3 volumes) + Q-factor section

-Fault Sealing/leaking analysis support

           - Seismic Data Attribute Package (15 volumes)

- Seismic multi-attribute analysis on Paradise software package (Machine learning more than 50 attributes automatically analysis). 

- Rock Physics modeling (Logs, Fluid replacement modelling/substitution,synthetic gathers & reflection response modeling, wedge modeling, Rock Physics templates calculations and etc.)

- 4D geophysical analysis and interpretation    



Typical size is 1000 km2 3D from field tapes with turnaround 3-6 months, or up to 3000 km 2D processing per month.

AVA analysis (including cross plots) - 1 day per 2D/arbitrary line.

Data preconditioning 1-3 days for Reservoir Evaluation. Fluid Replacement Modeling, synthetic gathers - 1 well per day.

Pilot version: Reservoir Characterization – from 3 days for 2D/arbitrary lines.