PSS-Geo performs services running internal developed codes and processes for FWI, FWM and JMI. The basic of the solutions is the academic solutions of the Depft Consortia. For efficient 3D production jobs, we offer to use external cloud's space and to run tests  at our cluster. 

We offer the online application to perform JMI and FWM processes. The registered users will be able to perform test and run production by themselves. Our specialists are the first-hand techniques' developers can help to perform tests and run production jobs, or to carry out all steps of the FWI, FWM and JMI. Users can monitor a performance at their locations through the online application. 



Test parameters on local server - save money and time

Deploy stable tested computational jobs to 


Monitor and adjust online

User online application


Cloud storage



User can define number of machines and total number of CPUs that are required for job completion and suits the budget at the same time

Image &






The inversion progress can be monitored in the web console and results are stored 

Assistance with online-application performance, parameters choices and geological resolutions will be ensured by first-hand techniques' developers Dr. Mikhail Davydenko and Rune Øverås.

See techniques' literature:

Davydenko, Mikhail, and D. J. Verschuur. "Joint imaging of angle-dependent reflectivity and estimation of the migration velocity model using multiple scattering." Geophysics 84.6 (2019): R859-R868.

Davydenko, M., & Verschuur, D. J. (2018). Including and using internal multiples in closed-loop imaging—Field data examples. Geophysics, 83(4), R297-R305.

Davydenko, M., & Verschuur, D. J. (2016). Full‐wavefield migration: using surface and internal multiples in imaging. Geophysical Prospecting, 65(1), 7-21.


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