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FloatSeisTM  for Norway and the Norwegian shelf! 


Developed by Geology without Limits (GWL- a group of companies primarily involved in seismic multiclient projects). The technology focuses on the acquisition of seismic refraction data and targets the development of precise velocity models for deep imaging and de-risking drilling.

Ultra-log offset of 40-120 km, a low frequency quality impulse for FWI (below 10Hz), recording reflection and refraction are perfect for side survey, fill in gaps, complement the existing vintage dataset or jump-start the new licensing round.


  • Comes at fraction of the cost of a conventional seismic survey!

  • Easy operation.

  • Tested by the most demanding QHSE world operator.

  • Technical personal with offshore experience of 25+ years.

  • Verified by streamers and nodes.

  • Already performed projects in Artic and warms seas.

Remotely operated through GPS, GWL SeismobuoysTM can be deployed, navigated to the correct position, and float back for collecting. Saving a lot of money and without compromising on quality, this technology gives invaluable input for exploration work.

PSS-Geo is an exclusive GWL Norwegian technology representative.


Contact Rune Øverås.

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