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AI solutions as a base for Geohazards, Lithology  and pore pressure prediction

We suggest DTW and *Rune Inversion techniques as a base for Geohazard, lithology and porosity prediction when seismic gathers or only stacked data are available.

High-resolution geohazard, pore pressure, lithology and porosity studies are provided in cooperation with ModelGeo.

Seismic velocity is an attractive parameter for geohazard interpretation, pore pressure analysis, play and prospect evaluations, and other geological studies. However ordinary seismic processing velocities often do not have a good enough resolution. We adapt a dynamic time warping algorithm to estimate geologically reasonable high-resolution velocities from average-quality seismic data that can be used for geohazard analysis based on 3D seismic data. To predict free gas and/or excess pore water pressure in thin shallow layers, we use velocity inversion. It is a method for simultaneous inversion of velocity data to geological attributes.


Our publications:

 - V.Kalashnikova, I.Meisingset, R.Øverås and D.Krasova. High-resolution seismic velocity field estimation techniques and their application to geohazard, lithology and porosity prediction”, Near Surface Geophysics, 2020.

 -V.Kalashnikova, R.Øverås, I.Meisingset, D.Krasova and A. Butt. High Resolution Velocity Attribute for Reservoirs, Lithology and Pore Pressure Prediction. Extended Abstract. GeoConvention 2018, Calgary May 7-11.

 - R.Øverås, V.Kalashnikova, S.Guidard (PSS-Geo AS), I.Meisingset (First Geo AS). Construction Technique of High Resolution Velocity Field - New Attribute for Seismic Interpretation. The First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities in London, UK, Feb 22-23, 2018


Pore pressure and lithology are computed in cooperation with ModelGeo.

HighRes Velocity by WARP (DTW) and lithology and Geohazard prediction based on it

Geohazard prediction, overpressure, lithology

Advantage of High-Resolution interval velocities over seismic interval for seismic interpretation, particular for lithology prediction.

Lithology from velocity, WARP

Data courtesy TGS, Lithology prediction and geohazards - First Geo AS

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