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PSS-Geo AS provides geophysical services for any type of velocity model building:

Velocity for Migrations

PSDM-Model building / ”Hybrid Waveform Inversion”


- Initial Model Building:

         •Integrating sonic logs and check shots to generate the well interval velocities. Ensure correct depth in well position

         •Building the initial velocity model by kriging and guiding interpolation of well interval velocities by horizons

         •Building an anisotropy model that flatten the gathers in the well positions

- Acoustic or prestack amplitude inversion followed by low frequent correction back to initial model to ensure traveltime consistency

- PSDM Iterations

        •Updating the Vertical Velocity Model by horizon - or grid based full offset tomographic traveltime inversion. Mixing Global Update and Hybrid Updating

        •Amplitude inversion and correction for every iteration


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Velocity for Depth Conversion

As part of seismic processing delivery, PSS-Geo delivers constructed interval velocity cubes for depth conversion. PSS-Geo uses internal techniques which include adjustment of seismic velocity with horizontal component and Check Shot correction seismic full component cube. We make sure that wells are tied to seismic and that check shot correlated P-wave are used at well position. Meanwhile between wells, velocity anisotropy is guided by interpreted horizons that are normally supplied by clients. 

Depth conversion should be correct at the well positions, and the error between the wells should normally be within 5 meter.

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Velocity High Resolution (WARP and/or Dynamic Auto Correlation)

High Res Velocity

Pseudo-P-wave estimation from seismic data prior Drilling

The convenient algorithm, which increase certainties!High-Resolution Velocity estimation algorithm that can be used to predict possible reservoirs, lithology and geohazard situations.

Interval stacking velocity         Interval HighRes Velocity

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Stacking Velocity

2D interval stacking velocity sections and their 3D crossing analysis.

PSS-Geo dedicates enough time for accurate velocity field construction. While processing data, we also carefully analyze geology.  We usually hand pick stacking velocity, especially in difficult geological areas.

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