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In cooperation with INFOSS, PSS-Geo is working on a Cloud based solution for seismic data inversion with further rock and fluid properties prediction.

The User can upload seismic post-stack data and initial models to it invert for Velocity, Density, Volume of Clay, Porosity and the Best Reservoir Sands Attribute. At this stage, the Rune Inversion algorithm is used. To predict the type of fluid, the User has options to use pre-trained models of upload well and tops to the Cloud and then train models. At this stage, we use Machine Learning algorithms. 

  • The cloud-based platform was in testing for 4 years.

  • The Inversion algorithms is under patent (NIPO 20210133). The solution has been working in-production level for 1,5 years – tested in the entire Norwegian Sea mega merge, 4 publications.

  • The ML algorithms for fluid prediction is ready to use, was peer-reviewed and the basic codes (Innovation Norway grand with industry support) publicly available (GitHub – can be tested), 2 – publication, 2 conference presentations, 1 - 3-hours online streaming seminar: YouTube streaming.

PSS-Geo provides services based on these technologies. The platform works in a testing regime.

If you are interested to hear more, please get in touch with us.

Cloud based computation


Data splits and computations are optimised to run efficiently, to monitor process failures, and restart the failed block only.

Online monitoring
of the process execution

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