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The North Sea 3D. "The Elephant".

Based on the successful experience from the Norwegian Sea (Lising-Lange  FMs), but this time, applicable for all formations, we present you the Broadband Reprocessed 3D Merge accompanied by Lithological cubes of Volume of Sandstone & Clay and Porosity. Denoised and deghosted public data of only chosen true amplitudes surveys with phase control by wells was inverted for lithology prediction. 722 wells were tied, and 10 detailed horizons were interpreted to build initial models for the inversion - full-time section.

The AI algorithm of Rune Inversion with at least 150 thousand iterations per trace was applied to estimate P-wave and Density, which were further used to compute lithology and fluids.

Contact for details Barbara Eva Klein

Gyda. The North Sea.

Example of the surfaces


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the brochure.

Add 150 surfaces to your cube!

150 surfaces with detailed mapping of the rock properties of different formations! Thin layers and non-easily tracked horizons are now resolved through PaleoScanning the tensor-based smoothed 3D North Sea merge - The Elephant product.

Each surface mapped with Sand, Porosity, and other AI-driven rock properties! The example shows Norland Utsira Clay-Sand distribution.

Whether you want the full North Sea cubes or cubes covering your area of interest, we can assist you. Take contact!



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