Our developers are mainly doing hard-core C and FORTRAN coding, to solve small tasks we cannot solve directly with Promax/SeisSpace or other commercial software. Then, we combine them with Promax modules to solve the specific tasks.

Here, we suggest to learn about some of our seismic processing mid-steps solutions, we developed for convenient and efficient daily base use, as well as to have an overview about PSS-Geo processing moguls.

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

PSS-Geo own developed Modules

SQL database headers, for fast sorting and data reading.


FK, Tau-P, X-time, F-time-domain and local Dip-Xt domain - for very variable streamer depth)

Fast convolution in

frequency domain

Windowing sorting


Mid-steps Modules


Mid-steps Modules


Pre Stack Solutions - Geo

Main office Oslo, Norway +47 225 60 715



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