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If you ever worked with MCG, TGS, PGS, Spectrum Multi-Client library seismic data, it is highly possible that you have been working on data processed by us. Since 2011 only, PSS-Geo has reprocessed more that 600 000 km2 of 2D Multi-Client data. If you are interested to give fresh update with latest techniques applied to your data, we will be happy to assist. Contact us to discuss details.

Multi-Client The Elephant


In cooperation with Lime Petroleum AS, PSS-Geo produced the Mega grid of true amplitude seismic data and inverted it using proprietary technology to Lithology cubes. 
The product is accompanied by 10 detailed interpretations and 150 surfaces (produced by Lyme Bay Consulting on PaleoScan software to analyse properties of formations at any depth you need quickly). Also, 720 well logs are included in delivery with time-depth trends (wells are tied to the seismic, cross-correlation wavelet is 0). 
Read more about the porduct there.

Multi-Client Project LL-Link

LL-merge (joined projects of AGGS, APT and Cama Geosciences).


PSS-Geo is the provider of

1. Broadband reprocessed 3D merge  (denoise, deghosting of public data, well tie for phase control) using proprietary technique.

2. Inverted cubes: non-coupled Vp and density together, Vclay, Porosity,  and a Reservoir Quality Attribute volume (1-Vclay)*Phi.


The product quality is focused on the prolific exploration plays of the Cretaceous: Lysing and Lange reservoirs along the Trøndelag Platform. However, the seismic inversion will include all stratigraphic level sand shows good results also on Tertiary and Jurassic reservoirs.  Contact us to discuss details, more information here: pdf.


Deep waters of the Norwegian Sea

Broadband reprocessed 3D merge  (denoise, deghosting of public data) with the biggest data coverage, including deep waters. Suitable for regional interpretations and of a very attractive price!


Phoenix Library


In 2021, we reprocessed the publicly available library of NPD in the most challenging area on NCS - the Barents Sea region. 
Strong multiples, shallow waters, and rapidly increasing velocity are the challenges that need to be addressed to resolve data properly. 
Are you exploring this region? Start by looking at our reprocessed data. Please read here to learn more about the modern techniques we applied to uplift the data quality.

Our mega grids


In cooperation with Exploro AS, PSS-Geo produced Mega Merge 3D seismic cubes and High resolution Interval velocity cubes for depth conversion and attributes calculation to support regional and localized Geo-exploration studies.

After carefully marked studies of 2015-2017, we present what was not available before: the most detailed Interval velocity cube, constructed using selected well logs, seismic velocities and 14-16 geological horizons to integrate information about rock properties. Horizons were picked on the Mega Merge Seismic Cube, which gives big advantage, because carefully selected seismic surveys were merged by PSS-Geo proprietary technique. Each individual survey is matched in terms of phase and time shift in selected windows. The calculated operators are applied dynamically to the data. In addition, a new 3D seismic Mega Merge includes a deghosted version, which brings a big advantage for seismic interpretation. Exploro AS performed great geological study  of Norwegian part of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea including petrophysical analysis, comprehensive seismostratigraphic framework, biostratigraphy, detailed ages sedimentary facies maps, reservoir potential and quality, depositional models for key stages, comprehensive ArcGis project, seismic to well ties...

Contact us to discuss details or Exploro AS to evaluate the products.

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