PSS-Geo has long experience in Reservoir Characterisation that includes AVO and inversion for any type of rocks and fluids. We always combine a classical studies with new waves in science, and today we widely use machine learning (Paradise software).

The most of our advantage is our people, who demonstrated themselves many time in different part of the world as brilliant solution finders, for solving cases that seemingly impossible to solve.

Being a seismic processing company, for us it is easy do a proper preconditioning of data before studies, including extra denoise-demultiple, residual alignment, amplitude, phase adjustments and deghosting, etc... We do the best conditioning suited data regardless contract, as soon as we figure out that data needs it.


We have different software packages for this and also our own in-house developed codes that will benefit Rock Physics studies and lithology and fluid separation.


We also give courses and training in Geophysical interpretation and data understanding, which scored very high by attendees.




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Impedance cube
Impedance cube
Impedance cube


Pre Stack Solutions - Geo

Main office Oslo, Norway +47 225 60 715



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