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PSS-Geo performs services running internal developed codes and processes for FWI, FWM and JMI. The basic of the solutions is the academic solutions of the Depft Consortia. For efficient 3D production jobs, we offer to use external cloud's space and to run tests  at our cluster. 

A Full Waveform Migration (FWM) algorithm allows us to perform seismic processing in one step. Conventionally, the seismic process consists of pre-migration steps (de-noise and de-multiple), migration and post-migration processes (cleaning). Even though the FWM combines the best imaging and inversion methods, it does not find wide industrial use and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) because the required resources are exponentially dependent on computing frequency. Join Migration Inversion (JMI) is a technique proposed by the Delphi consortium that extends FWM, allowing obtaining a comparable velocity model to FWI and has a linear relationship of computing frequency and recourse. The new JMI technology yields the possibility to industry avoiding FWI and Reverse-Time Migration (RTM) algorithms. They could be desirable but not necessary as two separate resource extensive processes including other pre- and post- processing steps but achieving similar imagine result.

We offer the online application to perform JMI and FWM processes. The registered users will be able to perform test and run production by themselves. Our specialists are the first-hand techniques' developers can help to perform tests and run production jobs, or to carry out all steps of the FWI, FWM and JMI. Users can monitor a performance at their locations through the online application.

The actual field data example is from the most challenging Barents Sea region.

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Test parameters on local server - save money and time

Deploy stable tested computational jobs to 


Monitor and adjust online

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