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Dynamic Time Warping and Dynamic Auto Correlation

Seismic velocities are valuable information that most of the time is not fully exploited in exploration work. We normally construct accurate velocity fields for seismic data processing, AVO gradients, depth conversions, imaging processing, and we use one of these fields, e.g. when translating seismic velocities to pore pressure. In more seldom cases, we use velocity for quantitative analysis like lithology (Hubred J.H. & Meisingset I., 2013) and fluid predictions, which are important for exploration.


We propose a High-Resolution Velocity estimation algorithm that can be used to predict possible reservoirs, lithology and geohazard situations.

Visit the First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities in London, UK, Feb 22-23, 2018, where we will present the technique and show cases of implementation in exploration for lithology and geohazard predictions.


Extended Abstract: R. Øverås, V. Kalashnikova, S. Guidard (PSS-Geo AS), I. Meisingset (First Geo AS). Construction Technique of High Resolution Velocity Field - New Attribute for Seismic Interpretation

Visit GeoConvention 2018, Calgary May 7-11. Reads Extended Abstract, here: V. Kalashnikova, R.Øverås , I.Meisingset, D.Krasova and A. Butt. High Resolution Velocity Attribute for Reservoirs, Lithology and Pore Pressure Prediction.

WARP, Proir drilling, HighRes, Velocity
Geohazard prediction, overpressure, lithology
Lithology from velocity, WARP