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Super Merge 


Based on the extended experience of merging a large amount of seismic servery, PSS-Geo developed the merge flow that brings the super grids' quality to the next level. Our merges are now suitable for rock properties extraction processes.

  1. Carefully selected seismic surveys

  2. Conditioning - post-stack processing

  3. Deghosting (marine vintage data)

  4. Phase control by well for each survey

  5. Phase control by 2D regional lines

  6. Perform time-variant amplitude compensation.

  7. Operator based merging: the calculated operators are applied dynamically to the data. Each survey is matched in terms of phase and time shift in selected windows. 



Mega merges ~500 000 km2:

       North Sea (UK and Norway)

       Norwegian Sea - 3 mega merges

Small merges: 

from 200 till 9000 km2 - different regions

Example from LL-Link merge, Norwegian Sea.


Example. Operator based merge + deghosting.

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