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First Confident Step of PSS-Geo to AI

Rune’ Inversion is the First Confident Step of PSS-Geo to AI

AI (Seismic + Seismic velocity) = Vp, Dn & P-imp -

That is not possible to get with conventional inversion algorithms.

We used an artificial intelligence search algorithm that provide a sufficiently good solution to an optimization problem with few assumptions. There is no coupling between Vp and Dn beyond frequency of the initial models. It designed to run fast both on a Cluster (Cloud) and a workstation. The QC and speed test was performed on SeisQbeTM (Grand merge of public seismic data that covers the North Sea shelf, data courtesy of AGR, former First-Geo).

The technique application to Pre-Stack data increase the efficiency of the results and the process!

For the 20 years of history, Pre Stack Solutions-Geo has been known for developing simple efficient solutions for geo exploration.

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