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April 6th 2022 AI Reservoirs Detection DIGEX Conference 2022

Reservoirs Detection – Digitalisation in Geo Exploration with Artificial Intelligence on the Cloud-based Platform.

Vita Kalashnikova, Maxim Izergin, Rune Øverås, Vlad Sopivnik

Pre Stack Solution-Geo AS


Lime Petroleum AS

In cooperation with INFOSS, Pre Stack Solutions-Geo (PSS-Geo) developed a Cloud-based platform for seismic data processing that further predicts rock and fluid properties. The main feature is that it utilises algorithms from the artificial intelligence family that do not have an alternative in deterministic solutions, making work efficient. We present the possibility to search for the hydrocarbons and reservoirs by dropping the data to the Claud-based platform where all artificial intelligence cooking is happening.

A user can upload seismic post-stack data and initial models to predict lithology. At this step, we use algorithms from AI families. Next, we use Machine Learning (ML) to indicate the fluid type. Here, a user can use pre-trained models or upload well data and tops and then train the models.

Why do we need a cloud-based platform? Because the AI algorithms use 50-200 thousand iterations pre trace, that is hard to implement efficiently on a simple workstation. Also, using ARMs and new generation Intel processes makes computation energy efficient. We will share our discoveries and developments.

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