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Drop data – get result: Hydrocarbons. 

In cooperation with INFOSS, Pre Stack Solutions-Geo developed a Cloud-based platform for seismic data processing that further predicts rock and fluid properties. The main feature is that it utilises algorithms from the artificial intelligence family that do not have an alternative in deterministic solutions, making work efficient.

The Free Pilot version is already available to test!

Why platform? The computation is resource extensive.

Instead of a conventional cluster, we work towards optimising the algorithms for native implementation for ARM-based systems on a chip (SoC), turning a cluster into a small “box on a desk” with low energy consumption. Solution built on Arm64 Apple M1 Ultra processors gives deep optimisations for calculations on integrated GPU and ML cores, parallel computations on hundreds of nodes, and excellent scalability. It also significantly increases the computations/kW ratio, up to 10x. Thus, using the QUICKi Platform, you can preserve high-quality results while working with notably compressed data, reducing energy, and speeding up the computation.

You can be a user or the owner. Contact us for more details.


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