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Houston Cloud and CRS software for you!

For faster processing of great volumes of data, stable electricity prices, and advanced processing techniques,

PSS-Geo is moving to Houston!

We have partnered with Z-terra to use a 20k CPU cluster for advanced computation. The first non-standard

project of heavy-load processing of data is to test specific algorithms to resolve faults issues through

diffraction imaging for AkerBP in the North Sea.

The second project is a CRS module software. PSS-Geo has been working with academic codes of WTI

for a long time, developing it to production. Unfortunately, the closure of the WTI consortium stopped

R&D progress in this subject. We processed enormous amounts of data with the CRS technique worldwide,

including marine data in Norway! We recorded cases where it does not work and cases where the technique is "a must"

as there is no better alternative. Today, we have launched the development of CRS software

that will be available for oil&gas and service companies for in-house data processing.

Joining resources with Z-terra will let our customers have a user-friendly interface with a remote launch

on the cloud. If you are interested in the module, you can pre-book the module at 45% of the full price.


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