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New administration

2021 is the year of change for PSS-GEO. Jon Sandvik has retired from his administrative duties, and

Jørn Christiansen has joined the board.

Jon Sandvik has spent 20 years leading the company. Now that he has retired from his administrative duties and sold his shares to his partner Rune, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon for his long dedication to PSS-GEO. We are incredibly fortunate in that Jon will stay on as an adviser. This means that his 35+ years’ experience in geophysical service for seismic processing, AVO and gravity-magnetics will be part of our portfolio. Jon can be reached on his usual email address.

We are pleased to welcome Jørn Christiansen to the PSS-Geo board! Jørn has extended experience in business development, focusing on new geophysical technologies. He was Principal Advisor in TGS-NOPEC. He also held a position in the TGS-NOPEC management team from 1988, as well as a CTO position in TGS and Spectrum ASA, developing strategy for growth.

Jon Sandvik

Jørn Christiansen


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