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PSS-GEO is proud to sponsor the 12th Balkan Congress

We will present 3 abstracts! 27-31 May 2024.

Following a successful and highly challenging project in Uzbekistan, we're eager to share our newly discovered approaches and techniques. If you're dealing with land data and encountering difficulties with acquired signals, we've identified two approaches that have proven effective for us. We're delighted to share the technical details with you. We are grateful to Yangi Kon for granting permission to share the technical aspects of these approaches! We also thank to Lime Petroleum, particularly Lars Hübert and Ingrid Marie Hasle Amundsen, for permitting us to showcase our techniques from the Shrek field. With their quick facilitation of permissions, we can now present detailed insights into fluid prediction using Machine Learning and Rune Inversion at this fascinating location.
1. “Application of CRS technique to poor quality of seismic signal data”,
Rune Øverås, Vita Kalashnikova, Andrei Voronin (PSS-GEO), Nodir Mukhutdinov (Yangi Kon).
2. “Method for spatial First Break Picking using Neural Network, QC, editing and smoothing”,
Rune Øverås, Vita Kalashnikova, Andrei Voronin (PSS-GEO), Nodir Mukhutdinov (Yangi Kon).
3. “Lithology and fluid prediction using AI algorithms around the Shrek area in the Norwegian Sea“,
Vita Kalashnikova, Elena Karaseva, Rune Øverås (PSS-GEO), Vlad Sopivnik (Lime Petroleum).


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