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Innovation Norway grant - completed

On October 30, 2021, PSS-Geo successfully finalized the project: Innovation Norway (IN 2020/521538 from May, 2020): «Seismisk analyse med Kunstig Intelligens og Maskinlæring:miljø- og kostnadseffektiv petroleumsleting» (Seismic Analysis with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Environmentally and Cost-Effective Petroleum Exploration).

The project was supported by Lime Petroleum AS and conducted with two partners: CamaGeo AS and AGGS AS.

The main result of the project is the developed algorithm to predict the type of Fluid using post-stack seismic data and well logs.

The research progress was presented at several conferences. The test of fluid prediction using 151 wells as a built-model was shown on the Haltenbanken area in the Norwegian Sea (16000km2). Read more here.


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